Practical & Helpful Informaion: Junctions to be aware off ...


Farnborough Road / Sycamore Road Junction

  • Emerging onto Farnborough Road from Sycamore Road

This junction is complicated by the fact that as you emerge from Sycamore Road onto Farnborough Road you have a number of different problems to contend with.


Emerge left onto a dual carriageway. The near-side lane approaching up the hill (from your right hand side) is a bus lane that ends a few metres before a pedestrian crossing. Traffic heading towards you (from your right) in the outside lane may move into the nearside lane in order to either continue ahead OR turn left into Sycamore Road.

BE VERY CAREFUL! If an oncoming vehicle is approaching from your right hand side in the outside lane, indicating left, DON’T move out UNTIL you are completely satisfied where the oncoming vehicle is really going!

If oncoming vehicles stay in the outside lane DO NOT emerge unless you are absolutely sure they are NOT planning to move to the nearside lane without signaling.

It is safer to wait for a reasonable gap in the oncoming traffic before emerging.

  • Traveling along Farnborough Road towards Farnham/Aldershot

When you leave the Pinehurst roundabout taking the Farnborough Road (A325) heading towards Farnham / Aldershot, you join a dual carriageway. The left lane is a designated Bus Lane, but with exclusions to allow taxis and bikes to use it. As you look up the hill in the direction of travel you will see a pedestrian crossing. A few metres BEFORE the pedestrian crossing the Bus Lane ends, and shortly after the pedestrian crossing there is a left turn into Sycamore Road.


BEWARE of how and when you indicate, so that you do not confuse other road users by giving misleading signals.

  1. If you are planning on turning left into Sycamore Road, start your left mirror checks about 100 metres BEFORE the end of the Bus Lane. Indicate left. RE-CHECK your left mirrors / look left to check your blind spot. If all clear move left immediately at the end of the Bus Lane, keep your left indicator on and turn left into Sycamore Road.

  2. If you are proposing to follow the road ahead start your left mirror checks about 100 metres BEFORE the end of the Bus Lane. Indicate left. RE-CHECK your left mirrors/look left to check your blind spot. If all clear move left immediately at the end of the Bus Lane, and cancel your indicator immediately so as to not cause confusion to traffic waiting to emerge. If it is NOT possible/clear for you to move into the left lane, stay in the right lane, keep checking your left mirrors and indicate and move as soon as it is clear.

REMEMBER, DO NOT move left if there is any vehicle approaching you in the Bus Lane as they have priority at the end of it as there are NO give way markings for them to observe.

Due of the complexity of this particular junction, we have spoken with the Centre Manager of the Farnborough Test Centre. He advises that it is not possible to give a definitive answer on how to deal with this junction. Each examiner will assess the effect either signaling. or not signaling. has had at the time in the given set of circumstances. The examiner would expect the candidate to make a decision at the time based on the flow and location of traffic, which they would assess at that time.

Having looked at the junction and having discussed it with other examiners, they suggest that alternative option could be to clear the junction of Sycamore Road and then look to filter back into the left taking away any possibility of misleading potentially emerging traffic from Sycamore Road.


Ship Lane / Farnborough Road, Near Farnborough Gate

  • Emerging onto Farnborough Road


When emerging from Ship Lane into Farnborough Road you can only emerge left. REMEMBER the left lane in Farnborough Road is a Bus Lane. You need to cross the Bus Lane in order to get into the normal driving lane (right hand lane).     (Image - ©Google)

DO NOT emerge into the left lane and then move to the right lane as you will be traveling along the Bus Lane and that is NOT permitted. Follow the road markings painted on the road surface. Wait for a suitable gap in both lanes before emerging.

view down farnborough road
View down Farnborough Road from Ship Lane when emerging from
Ship Lane


  • Traveling along Farnborough Road towards Farnborough

At this point of the Farnborough Road you are on a dual carriageway, BUT the left lane is a dedicated Bus Lane.

farnborough road

When turning left from Farnborough Road into Ship Lane great care must be taken to ensure that you do not cross into the Bus Lane and that you do not impede any vehicles in the Bus Lane.

On approach to the left turn you MUST make good use of your left mirror observations, and glance over you left shoulder to check the blind-spot.

Signal left and move into the left lane where the road markings (arrows painted on the road surface) show you when it is safe. If there are any vehicles coming behind you in the Bus Lane you may need to slow and wait for them to pass on your inside as there is no Give Way markings on the Bus Lane.


Practical & Helpful Information: Roundabouts to be aware off ...


Queen’s Roundabout

(Image - ©Google)


(©Google Earth Image)


Holiday Inn (Queens Hotel)





Six Bells Roundabout

If you are traveling east from Farnham towards Weybourne along Hale Road you will come to the Six Bells roundabout. The approach to the roundabout opens into two lanes. The sign for the roundabout shows the Weybourne exit as straight ahead, second exit. There are no road markings painted on the road surface.  (Image - ©Google)

(©Google Earth Image)

Under normal circumstances you would take the left lane approach, proceed ahead when it is safe to do so, and at the exit before the one you want, check centre and left mirrors, indicate left and move into the left exit.

HOWEVER, the actual road layout is not that simple! The exit to Weybourne Road is physically situated slightly to the right of straight ahead and many road users approaching from Farnham (along Hale Road) tend to use the right hand lane on approach (no signals given!) then cut-across from the right lane to the left lane as they pass the first exit to the left (again not usually indicating their change of direction) before exiting into Weybourne Road. The correct route is the left lane approach.

Keep a good look-out for traffic in the right hand lane incase it is going ahead into Weybourne Road.



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